Luis Rodrigues - Fernando Conceição  - Paulo Ribeiro

 Symbol History 

The symbol of our motocycle group Lusitanos was the result of a quick job so we could participate at a portuguese motocycle event in Luxemburg in 2005.

A few weeks after we discussed an eventual change of the symbol, we came to the conclusion that it symbolises exactly what the club and its members stand for. Portuguese motocyclists with the medal of the knights of christ which stood for their will to explore and now stands for our will to explore european roads.

We, the Lusitanos club, want to thank the brothers António Barros and Manuel Barros from Santo Tirso Portugal, one of them the designer and author and the other the printer of our shirts, for their great work and we wish them further success!

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Lusitania included almost all of Portugal and was a roman city of the imperial time. As portuguese and Luso people, it was obvious to call ourself Lusitanos.

Thats how the group started to meet on sunday mornings at the café "Lar dos Portugueses de Ludwigsburg" to ride their bikes, visit other portuguese cafés and to find new roads to ride on. In 2005 the group participated in multiple portuguese motocycle events, among them in Switzerland and Luxemburg, which we visited in the following year too so we could reunite with our new friends.

At the end of the first year of our existence, which served to understand our members interests, we took care of our groups registration into the club register to be the first official portuguese motocycle club in Germany.

The motocycle club Lusitanos is independent of any other clubs and doesn´t claim to belong to any political or religious idiology. Furthermore it doesn´t have any economical interests.

With our 84 members, of which 70 are motocyclists, our only interest is the contact and community with friends and motocycle lovers like us. The exchange of ideas and technical suggestions are only some of the topics we discuss at our weekly meetings. Repairs and inspections are often performed by our members, professional in this matter.


This motocycle group was founded by a group of portugese friends, all crazy about motocycles, motocycle events and everything that comes with it, in the beautiful city of Ludwigsburg in the south of Germany.

The three founders Luís Rodrigues, Fernando Conceição und Paulo Ribeiro tell us the foundation of the group was something spontanious that sourced from the interest and the enthusiasm of the members which grow in number more and more. On December 12th 2004 eleven portuguese motocyclists took the first step and founded our group which was given the beautiful name LUSITANOS.

 Calendar 2022 


Motocycle season opening


Biker Church


Yearly rideout to Grossglockner Austria


Reception of Moto-Tugas Dortmund


Rideout with our women


Rideout to Singen


End of the motocycle season 


São Martinho party


Christmas party




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